Everything Old Is New Again

$ 400.00

An original Digital Composition: Size: 33" x 10", Limited Edition, Signed by the Artist, Giclee print on watercolor textured, UV light proof paper. Content relates to old and antique automobiles as a person might find them and parts relating to them in a Swap Meet arena. The art composition is carefully composited from over twenty five years of creating special event watercolor and digital fine art projects and digital graphics support and was brought about by fulfilling a request to enter a Nashville, Tn gallery art show wherein one category is "Digital Art." The content is designed to depict what may be found while walking around an old car parts swap meet, and can show interchangeable antique cars and parts with additional or new items to personalize a customer request. Simply call the artist for further information and pricing for changeout of items or creating new content. The image shown is a limited edition of 50, gallery priced @ $400.00 and must be rolled in a tube for shipping which is included in the price of the print.

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