AirBrush Illustration

Technique: uses of mostly opaque gouache watercolors, some transparent watercolors, inks and Dr. Martin’s dyes with cut acetate, template overlays for masks on hot press illustration board using Paasche V1 and AB airbrushes. Acetate overlays were used in both illustration and photo-retouching to sit above so as not to leave any cut lines that are usually left from cutting masking material usually laid down on the photographic enlargements or board surfaces.


Basic science illustrations for an 8th grade science book - Holt, Reinhart & Winston, Publishers, Austin, TX 1995-1996. Prepared twenty-five, non-technical, free hand images relating to basic science as teaching aid to show “how it works,” most in Adobe Photoshop, three using air brush techniques and three using pencil and watercolor. As a rule, the art buyer at HR&W began a project as follows: (a.) I received roughs and samples, (b.) Accomplish basic pencil outline and send back to art buyer by mail, (prior to internet,) (c.) Receive corrections and go to color layout, either digital or watercolor, and send to art buyer on a Syquest Disk or drawing paper, (d.) Receive corrections usually penciled on the layout and go to final color art based upon color corrections requested. Related digital compositions on pages 16 and 17.