Cadillac Cafe

Cadillac Café: 16’ x 20’ Mural created for Hugo Reverse and his Cadillac Café in Gulfport, Mississippi in 1993. (Now no longer existing) The mural was created from an existing watercolor chosen from this artist’s display of automotive art at the Pate Swap Meet outside of Fort Worth, TX by Hugo and his wife who were walking the swap meet and looking to purchase items to decorate the still uncompleted restaurant in April, 1993.

In July, 1993 the mural was projected onto the wall and painted on site on a previously prepared surface in a two story building that was undergoing renovation with no electricity, running water nor air-conditioning using air-brushes and paint brushes taking eleven, ten to thirteen hour days, using only the sunlight that filtered in through large display windows.

The project painting was accomplished under $4,000.00. Actual cost was reduced considerably because Hugo Reverse and family furnished room and meals to the artist.