Pen’n Ink Line Drawing/Base Art • by Hand for Silk Screen

Technique: Incredibly, these compositions were penciled and inked by hand with red sable hair brush, Rapidiograph pens and Letraset texture patterns beginning in 1988... pre-computer. Original base art compositions were planned to be a final size of about 8.5 x 11inches for which original art was done 12x16 inches so that the art would be reduced about 66%. The base art compositions were an amalgamation of line drawings of individual components usually taken from original photography, usually done on one surface of illustration board.
As the designs were done from one year to the next, items were added with overlays of ink on velum, a somewhat transparent paper... single color additions for silk screening were indicated on overlays. These designs were converted to digital files around 1994 when a Mcintosh Quadra 840 came to my studio.