Searching For A Garage Find

Searching For A Garage Find: Private Commission - Tom R. Tomlinson Franklin, TN - 2008. Artist photo-shoot at a private automobile collection. Composition is an original transparent watercolor using Winsor & Newton watercolors.
Project started out to be a simple Christmas Card design and wound up being an approximate 24”x30” full illustration. The project required a photo shoot to create several possible positions and angles the car could be arranged. Three primary ideas were presented in pencil outline stage, one was chosen which led to a detailed line drawing for size relationships and details. Final color was accomplished with minimal burnished graphite on 300lb Arches Watercolor heavy texture paper.
The project was accomplished in the true watercolor method wherein the white of the paper is the white in the work. There was no added white transparent or opaque paint. This representation shows about five percent gain in the color, which does tend to remove the paper white. Project finish: $2,000.00