Editorial Illustration • Watercolor, Color Pencil

Technique: Drawn, original watercolor and color pencil compositions on white and off white illustration board.
Objective: Produce one full page, color lead off illustration, one half page and one quarter page color illustration complimenting a discussion on genetic research and the prevention of debilitating diseases which opens up the possibility of human cloning wherein the traits of children can be determined at a test tube stage. The discussion goes on about the moral dilemma of using genetic engineering on children, the laboratory results and the uses of mice to develop the possibilities and the concern about it all which has been taken all the way to our judicial courts. 

The lead off illustration is a stand alone, one piece work that works well by itself. The half page is a result of two illustrations intended to go together with the help of Adobe Photoshop relative to cloning copies and a DNA helix. And the quarter page subject is illustrating the balancing act of manipulating DNA as a “role of the dice” in getting a positive result.


Technique: Drawn, watercolor and pencil compositions on illustration board.
Objective: to illustrate a magazine article where in the writer Thornton Wilder became stranded in southern Arizona when his old 1959 Thunderbird broke down and caused him to spend several days waiting while it was being repaired. As a result, he staid several months resulting in an inspiration to write one of his last novels, The Eighth Day.
Reference: The cactus came from my personal, digital, photo gallery and the pen, quail, book and image of T. Wilder are replicated from sources found on the internet, the 1959 Thunderbird convertible images came from photographing a Danbury Mint model and choosing the two positions as needed, for illustrating the characteristics peculiar to the area and subject of the article.