Graphite Pencil Magazine Illustration

The magazine ad, pencil illustration projects were started and accomplished much the same way as the fine art still life on the previous page wherein the graphite drawings were developed on textured papers to fit the ad agency art direction for the particular marketing idea. At the time this approach was used, (way before computers,) very little, if any, pencil illustration was normally used giving way to a more popular photographic approach for advertising and this was considered as being somewhat unique for the moment and would standout among the various approaches to magazine ads this one was to be included with.
This approach is still not used very often giving way to much simpler and easier accomplished photo-compositions that currently are digitally built, filtered and arranged to have the same effect. However, on occasion a graphite pencil approach works quite well when simplicity and a generous budget will allow.
The book cover idea in the top right corner, reflecting a time very much pre-computer, is a hand done layout much as it would have appeared in the 1950s on a black, Canson paper which was popularly used to illustrate automotive designs. The subject of the proposed book was about the creation of the original 1955 Thunderbird defining much of the drawings and design ideas relevant to the way automotive design was accomplished at the time... drawn by hand. The book transcript and cover have yet to be accomplished for reasons unknown to this artist.